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Implementing SEO tactics in a thorough marketing strategy can mean the difference between your website struggling or thriving. If you do not have time to listen to an in-depth Kansas City SEO podcast right now, these tips will help you understand where you need to start.

Watch Your Competitors

You can use online SEO tools to keep track of your local competitors or competing websites. When you can pinpoint their strategies, it is easier for you to build a creative approach that gives you a competitive edge. This is especially true in terms of keywords and campaign planning.

Speed Up Your Website

To rank high up on Google SERPs these days your site needs to be fast loading. The longer it takes for your pages to load the better chance you have of losing prospects.

Make Your Content Useful

Many people settle for engaging content. While good graphics and trendy designs are catchy, your content should have useful information or something of substance. For example, you can use an organized video blog or app to provide people with helpful information. Interactive content is also good. When your content is useful for the searcher more than for search engines, you build credibility. If you are an authority figure, people are more likely to recommend you and share your content.

Build Internal and External Links

Add internal hyperlinks to other areas of your site. For example, if you are encouraging people to request a quote, provide a link to your contact page. If you briefly mention a topic in a blog post, you can give a link to another one of your blog posts with more information about that topic.

With external links, keep in mind that the biggest goal is getting others to publish your links. Some people think that posting links to other credible sites will suffice. However, this is not true. One of the most important parts of external link building is building a relationship with trustworthy websites. If spammy sites link to your site, it will not help you.

Universities and educational organizations are excellent places to start. For example, you could offer an academic contribution or a sports team donation to a local school. If the school publishes a linked list of donors, this could benefit you. You can also try to get respected influencers to share your links. To do this, you may have to offer them free products and a discount link for their followers. With external links, the key to remember is that quality is more important than quantity.

Research Keywords Often

There are both free and paid tools for keyword research. In comparison with using the same strategy for a year, it is better to modify your marketing plan at regular intervals. Trends change quickly today. The best way to get more out of your research is first to identify your target market’s top searches. Next, research lists of keywords to learn about their priority scores and click-through rates build and modify your strategy based on what your target market wants. Use keywords that are optimal for your market, mission, brand image, and brand voice.

Measure Your Success

Use an analytics platform to measure your success. If you skip this step, you may repeat mistakes that are holding you back from profitable growth. Use reports to help you modify your strategies, discover new ways to grow and sustain your business.

While these tips will help you get started, they are simplified and brief. There are more detailed steps and strategies that you can use within each category. When you learn detailed processes and develop good habits, you will see improved results quickly. If you remember more of what you hear than what you read, you can benefit from SEO podcasts.