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What link building prospects should you target first in your campaign?

The answer, of course, is contingent upon what you’re looking to accomplish with the links you’re building. If you want to generate referral traffic and increase revenue, with the links you earn, I suggest you read the rest of this post carefully. If you follow my suggestions, it will produce links, referral traffic, and a substantial ROI for your efforts.

A quick warning is needed; however, everything you’re about to read flies in the teeth of what most knowledgeable SEO Agency owners will teach you to do. Which is why it works to generate money, not everyone is doing it yet.

Most SEO Agencies Stink at Outreach to Link Building Prospects

For some strange reason, many SEO Agencies have an incredibly hard time with link prospecting because they target the wrong link building prospects. As a result, they spend energy and your budget barking up the wrong trees.

Sure, some of them have gotten pretty good at finding guest post opportunities, and EDU links, but will those types of backlinks generate income for your business?

They might if Google likes the links they build enough. But for how long? Google’s algorithm is always changing, and search engine rankings are never permanent.

That’s why we like targeting buyer prospects as the first link placement opportunities in our client’s B2B campaigns.  They’re the guys and gals buying our client’s products and services. Waiting for them to find our clients on Google makes zero sense when we can reach out to them directly via link prospecting.

Of course, we always need to create a resource those buyer prospects will want to link to, but the same goes for any link building campaign. If you must create a resource, create it for your buyer prospects, not the search engines.

We make soft touches with these link building prospects and either earn their link or their business.