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Wondering how to write SEO-friendly alt text for your images?

Including images on your website content will increase your search engine rankings.

That’s where SEO-friendly alt text comes into play.

What is it, though?

The Link Between Your Image Text and Content

Your alt text is text describing what is happening in your image.

The best way to boost your search engine rankings is by making sure your image, contents, and alt text are in synch with another.

A good example is a website offering designer clothing.

For this website, you would need to have content including text, to explain the image you have chosen. Perhaps we might use the keyword phrase, “unique designer clothing,” to describe it.

You can emphasize your keyword with an image of a woman wearing a designer outfit. Your content would explain the picture with your keyword included in your alt text.

Using Primary Keywords for Your Alt Text

Never choose your images before you select your keywords for the content if you can help it.

Instead, conduct your keyword research first and then locate images that reinforce the keywords you select.

If your content contains a lot of images such as photo galleries and slideshows, you will have no choice but to work backward on the project.

Do your best to find keywords that match the images in those situations.

Keeping Your Alt Text Short

The job of your alt text is to help your readers unable to view your images to understand what your image shows.

Your alt text needs to be kept short.

Use your keywords to convey the main description of your image. Only use additional text as necessary. If your alt text is too long, you will confuse the search engines.

The recommended length of your alt text is approximately 125 characters. Keep in mind specific browsers only allow one line for your alt text. When your line of text is cut off by particular browsers, your readers will be unable to read the entire description.

Connecting Your Image Text to Your Content

To improve your search engine rankings and grow your audience, you need to make sure you connect your content, alt text, and images

It’s the only way alt text can help you rank better.

If any are out of synch with one another, no extra rank boosts for you.

Accessibility and Web Design

Your alt text is extremely important for accessible web design.

You want visitors unable to see to understand the meaning of your images including browsers blocking images, screen readers and visitors with sight impairments preventing them from identifying your images.

Adding alt text to all your pictures enables your users to be able to appreciate the content you have created for them.

Putting Everything Together

Both your keywords and alt text are critical for the success of your website.

Using the tips described above is an excellent way to ensure you receive the best benefits from your alt text.

You will also need to make changes to your alt text. You can conduct split tests to determine which keywords are providing the best rankings for your website. You will need to eliminate any keywords producing poor results.

Good luck and happy rankings!