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There are plenty of training courses to turn to if you’re looking to beef up the structure of your website. Yoast Site Structure Training by Joost de Valk for $99 is one of them.

I bought the course and have gone through it through it several times now. What follows is my unbiased and unpaid review of it.

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Why Did I Buy Yoast’s Site Structure Training?

Our SEO agency started using the premium version of the Yoast SEO Plugin in May of this year. When we did, I noticed the plugin mentioned Cornerstone Content. It was a term I had never heard before, so I started researching it. Which of course, brought me to Joost and Marieke van de Rakt’s course.

Was I disappointed with Site Structure Training? You’ll have to keep reading to find out what I thought of it.

Why did I want to learn more about Cornerstone Content and site structure in general?

To be frank, I was looking for ideas on a site structure project I am helping with for Given that LinkMoses’s site is over 20 years old, has several hundred pages and Eric has never once optimized his on-site content, I had both a challenge and concern on my hands. How to fix a train wreck of disconnected content while retaining the rankings Eric had earned over time.

Eric Ward has great content on his site, though. The idea of having some of that content be cornerstone content fit what I had in mind for his new structure. Signing up for Site Structure Training was a no-brainer given the small one-time fee of $99 USD.

Was the Training Comprehensive Enough for My Liking?

To be clear, Yoast’s Site Structure Training is a course for beginners. It introduces the topic of what site structure is, and moves on to ways to fix wrong site structures. It does an excellent job on both fronts.  If you’re a veteran, you might have a hard time justifying the $99 USD.

What Format is Site Structure Training Presented?

Like the other courses Yoast offers, Site Training was easy to follow and understand. It has three modules, with over 54 minutes of video, six PDFs, and six interactive quizzes.

The exams I found to be exceptional training tools in their right. For every wrong answer that I gave I received a detailed explanation on why my answer was wrong. My brain responds well to that form of reinforcement. I find the quizzes quite helpful for that reason.

What Specific Nuggets Did I Learn from Taking Site Structure Training?

Did this course disappoint me in any way?

What I learned about cornerstone content was worth the $99. Which, as I mentioned, was why I bought the course.

What I didn’t expect was to learn as many nuggets about structure taxonomies as I did. After applying them, we saw a significant jump in engagement metrics on  Some triple figure increases caught our attention too. 🙂

Do I Recommend You Purchase Yoast Site Structure Training?

If you run a website for your small business, learning proper site architecture should be a must. Your visitors will appreciate the effort, so will the search engine bots. Buying this course is the perfect first step in learning how to do that.

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