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In this post, you will learn how Yoast Structured Data Training helped me to get Rich Snippets displayed on my site’s SERP listings. I’ll get into what Rich Snippets are, why they are important to your business, and why I feel the course is worth the investment.

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Why Rich Snippets Are Important

Adding structured data will increase the traffic hitting your website. It does this by providing the search engines with a better understanding of the information on each page of your site. They then take this newfound knowledge and display it as a rich snippet on their search results pages, which results in more people noticing your listing and clicking over to your site.

Click Through Rates (CTR) play a significant role in SEO these days, so as your CTR improves so will your rankings. Which results in even more traffic hitting your site as a result of structured data you add to your site.

I Was A Complete Novice Going into the Training

In the past, I always failed and became frustrated whenever I tried to add structured data to a site. I’d get into the project, become confused, then upset, then hired out the work to be done instead. To say I was a structured data beginner would be a gross understatement.

At the end of the training, I had the Structure Data I needed installed and working. It took me a couple of hours to work through the course and it was much easier than I anticipated.

What Makes Yoast Structured Data Training Different Than Other Courses On the Topic?

Given the fact that I am not a coder by trade, I was nervous about having to learn Schema. I was also skeptical about the course being able to deliver on its promise to teach me what I needed to learn.

The course included 75 minutes of videos on how to set up structured data on a site. These videos made implementing Schema on my site a breeze. Joost de Valk walked me step by step through the entire process. When I had a hard time understanding a concept, I just rewatched the video segment that was giving me trouble. It made learning the course content a simple process.

Having the videos to refer to in the future guarantees I won’t forget how to add structured data to sites. PDF libraries are great, but I’m a visual learner, so I like the videos.

Speaking of PDF libraries, the reading assignments given throughout the training supplement the videos in a big way. After watching each video, I then read the homework, and again watched the video. Combined, the two are excellent teaching tools.

Like all the other Yoast Academy courses, interactive quizzes are given at the end of each module. These exams are set where you need a perfect score on them to move on to the next section of the course. At first, this seemed like a daunting task, but retaking the quizzes is simple, and educational. Whenever I got a quiz question wrong, Yoast provided detailed answers on why my answer was wrong. I found the quizzes to be as great a teaching tool as the videos and PDF’s were.

Yoast Partner, Marieke van de Rakt helped to clarify points in key spots throughout the course. Without Marieke’s input, I would have had a much harder time understanding the training. I’m not ashamed to admit that because, like I just mentioned, I’m not a coder. Needless to say, I found her role in the training helpful and much appreciated.

It Took One Day for Me to See Results from Taking Yoast Structured Data Training

After completing the course, it took a day or so before I saw the first Rich Snippet pop up on Google for my listings. It was later in the day when the second and third snippets appeared. Those all came as a result of implementing what I learned in Yoast Structured training.

As a result of what I learned from this training, my SEO agency is now running Schema audits on our clients’ sites. We’re finding big-time opportunities to increase their traffic levels. Those are opportunities I would have missed without Yoast Structured Data Training. If you run an agency yourself, I recommend you take the course. Period.

Yoast Structured Data Training Review – In Conclusion

You just learned how Yoast Structured Data Training taught me to get Rich Snippets on my Google search listings. You also discovered what Rich Snippets are, and why they are relevant (and important!) to your business. Finally, I shared why I think the training is well worth the money if you’re looking to increase the amount of traffic hitting your site or your clients’ sites.

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